Asian Youth Day 2017

Joyful Asian Youth!

I Trust My Faith in Him

Shalom, Berkah Dalem.

May the Peace of God be with you always.

I am here to share my experience when I registered to be volunteer of Asian Youth Day 2017. Of course, the prospect of joining such an international event, with youth catholic around Asia excited me. Well, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

On August 15 2016, I have passed the administration test, and I could participate at the narration test. All seems fine until I read the line that I have to join the debriefing at Wisma Salam, Magelang September 24th and 25th 2016.

I am still a new employee. I don’t have any day-off. Moreover, I joined a retreat at Surabaya 10 until 12 September 2016, and for that I have asked a day off. I couldn’t ask for more day off. I was thinking to give up. Then I thought… If God really wanted me to be a volunteer, He must give me a way. If He allows me to, nothing is impossible for Him.

I trust my faith in Him. I told the committee about my condition, and wishing for the best. Let them decide for me. Thank God, for He is truly kind. They allowed me to join the Debriefing, meaning I passed the narration test. What I was worried about was not so bad after all. The debriefing in Wisma Salam started at 3 PM. My work finished at 1 PM. I still could make it to the debriefing.

I was late in joining the debriefing.  I arrived at Wisma Salam at 5. It was raining very hard at that time. However, I arrived there, safe and sound. Thank God and let all the glory to His Name.

Yoshua Setya

Volunteer AYD 7 Indonesia